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Body Sugaring Hair Removal DEMO

Since we started offering body sugaring hair removal here at Elevate Health (offered by our awesome new esthetician, Rebecca Clarke), we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the service.

This is not too surprising since body sugaring is a relatively new but extremely fast-growing practice in the United States (although it actually dates back thousands of years and is practiced today by many cultures around the world).

So we wanted to make a quick little video in order to give you a demonstration of sugaring and show you why it has so many advantages over more common methods of hair removal.

So if you’re curious about switching to sugaring for your hair removal needs, watch this video where Rebecca sugars Dr. Bacon’s arm. (Dr. Bacon has been an advocate of sugaring for many years.)

Take care,

The Elevate Health Team

P.S. We’re also developing an extensive skin care program with Rebecca, so stay tuned because we’ll soon be offering organic facial treatments and more…

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