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New Massage Therapist (and Special Introductory Offer)

New Massage Therapist (and Special Introductory Offer)

Our Awesome New Massage Therapist (and special introductory offer)

Book Massage Now ($10 Off)

Dr. Bacon here. Last Friday, it was the end of a long week and I had planned a little bit of “R & R” for myself: I was going to get a massage. When 3 pm rolled around, I was ready to put everything in my mind aside for some much needed self-care.

However, this was not just any massage. This was my first massage here at Elevate Health – with our new massage therapist!

And the massage was exceptional. I left feeling relaxed and grounded, and the tension in my shoulders from too many hours at the computer just melted away.

This of course was no surprise to me. After all, I had received a massage from her before, and that massage was part of why we decided to hire her. Just the same, I couldn’t have felt more grateful for this massage and even more fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and skilled therapist coming on board as part of our team.

Megan Goodman, Massage Therapist in Bozeman, MTSo who is this new massage therapist? Her name is Megan Goodman, LMT and between her brilliant massage skills and her positive, always-pleasant personality she couldn’t be a better person to add to our growing health-centered community.

As a physician, I regularly recommend bodywork, so I’m very excited to be adding her skills to the list of services available at Elevate Health. In fact, Megan joining our team marks an important turning point because it is the first step toward our vision of a true integrative clinic where practitioners collaborate to offer comprehensive, holistic care.

Deciding to add Megan to the team went well beyond the fact that she is an outstanding therapist. I knew when I brought on a massage therapist, I wanted there to be a level of therapeutic benefit and diversity that would stand out among other therapists. In addition, I wanted someone who would fit into our model of holistic integrative care.

Megan fits this description to a tee. She practices a wide range of modalities including craniosacral therapy, cupping, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy – just to name a few. Her careful focus on evaluation and individualized treatment for each patient takes her work well beyond the basic relaxation of massage and into a highly comprehensive level of therapy.

Finally, her passions in body functionality and performance further inform her attention to detail and individualized care. Megan takes the time to listen to her patients, and she delivers a comprehensive treatment that will have lasting effects well beyond the 1-2 hours you spend with her in session.

With starting my new clinic, you, my patients, are at the forefront of every decision I make. When I add services, my goal is for them to meet the most rigorous standards. This is why I am taking the time to introduce you to Megan and invite you to experience her remarkable skills.

I want you to have the opportunity to experience this exceptional massage therapy I was so fortunate to enjoy at the end of last week.

For this reason, I’m extending a special introductory offer to you. When you book your first massage with Megan in the month of May, you’ll get $10 off your session. This means you can get a 60-minute massage for $65 (gratuity is included in all massage prices at Elevate Health).

Below I have listed Megan’s rates and the lengths of sessions she offers, along with the discounted rates for this special offer.

You can schedule your massage by calling 406-219-3631.

Or click here to go to our schedule page:

Book Massage Now ($10 Off)

I hope you will take me up on this offer and see for yourself how Megan can help “elevate” your health even higher.



Dr. Bronwyn Bacon

Massage Rates (please note that all rates include gratuity):

Massage length Normal rates Spring Special
(April and May)
60 Minute Massage $75 $65
90 Minute Massage $105 $95
120 Minute Massage $140 $130
Package Deal – Buy 5 sessions (60, 90, or 120 minute) and get 10% off


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