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About Dr. Bacon

Dr. Bacon offers a blend of Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine / Wellness, and Primary Care.

Her areas of expertise include hormone balancing, thyroid balancing, fertility, weight loss, digestion, and mental health.

Dr. Bacon draws from a wide array of diagnostic tools to identify the true root problems holding people back from living the life they want to live. She has a passion for creating strong parternships with patients, completing deep investigations into challenging health issues, and developing treatment plans that are transformative and create lasting change.

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Dr. Bacon's Areas of Expertise

Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing

Fatigue, Thyroid, Blood Sugar Imbalances, Menopause, Menstrual Issues, Andropause, PMS, Fibroids, Adrenals, Fatigue, PCOS, Grave’s, Hashimoto’s, Weight Gain/Loss

Thyroid Balancing

Thyroid Balancing

Hashimoto’s Disease, Grave’s Disease, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Low Thyroid (Hypothyroid), High Thyroid (Hyperthyroid), Goiter



Preconception Care, Female Infertility, Male Infertility, Recurrent Miscarriage, Support Prior To Fertility Treatments Like IVF and IUI, PCOS, Endometriosis

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Sustainable, safe approach to weight loss and improved body composition



Food Allergies/Intolerances, Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas, Bloating, Heartburn, IBD, IBS, Abdominal Pain, SIBO, LIBO, Ulcers, Gastritis, Celiac Disease, Gut Microbiome, Dysbiosis

Mental Health

Mental Health

Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Stress, Life Transitions, Empty Nesting, Grief, Addiction, Multiple Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders


Regenerative Medicine

Restoring vitality through regenerative and anti-aging treatments that regrow cells and repair tissue function.

Funtional Medicine / Wellness

Guiding you in achieving true health by optimizing your energy, sleep, digestion, stress levels, movement, mood, and memory.

Primary Care

Providing comprehensive, holistic, integrative healthcare for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide array of health concerns.

Women's Health

Comprehensive, holistic, integrative care for women of all ages.

Men's Health

Comprehensive, holistic, integrative care for men of all ages.


Comprehensive, holistic, integrative care for children and adolescents.


Dr. Bacon’s therapies have a strong emphasis on balancing hormones, healing damage tissues, and eliminating pain to achieve overall well-being and optimized health.



Bioidentical Hormones

Hormone Pellets

Nueral & Peri-Neural Therapy

I.V. Therapy

Nutrient Injections

Diet & Lifestyle

Herbs & Nutriceuticals

Prescription Medication

What Dr. Bacon's Patients Say

“I always trust Dr. Bacon to go above and beyond when addressing my medical concerns. She leaves no stone unturned and tries to get to the root cause of ailments.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

“Dr. Bacon is an excellent Doctor, she really cares and takes the time to make sure you understand.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

“Dr Bacon listened to me! I feel like this is the beginning of a long-term patient-provider relationship.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

“Love Dr. Bacon! She made me feel better than any other Doctor out there!”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

“Our family of five were all lucky enough to have been patients of Dr. Bacon’s.  With our ages ranging from infancy to adulthood Dr. Bacon worked with each of us to address all of our health concerns.  She was always able to take into account the ‘whole picture’ and worked to come up with solutions that worked for us over the long (and sometimes short) term.  I also loved that Dr. Bacon took the time to listen to each one of us, and was so caring in her practice.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

“Bronwyn was a godsend to our family!  She worked with my teenage daughter to help her open up about her health issues in a way that no other doctor has.  She gave her the trust and compassion that let my daughter feel she was working as her personal ally and helped us identify some issues that probably wouldn’t have come to light for a long time.   And she’s not just great for teenagers, the rest of us adored her as well.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon
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Did you Know?

Dr. Bacon speaks fluent Italian.