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Navigating the needs and health of your kids can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s where we come in!

From day one, we can help make this exciting time a much easier one.

Our Role

boy_with_parentsFrom tracking your child’s growth and development in Well Child Exams, to assistance with breastfeeding and other types of feeding, immunization counseling, solid food introduction, naturopathic support when your child is sick, and so much more, we can help make your job as a parent less stressful.

From infancy to childhood, you are laying down a foundation for lifelong health.  At this time in a child’s life, it is critical to establish:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Regular play and physical activity
  • Regular sleep and rest
  • Proper hydration
  • An ability to manage stress
  • A strong immune system
  • Daily dental care
  • Confidence and a healthy sense of self
  • Support for acute and chronic illness
  • And so much more…


We work with every family we see to help establish these important aspects of health.  We do this by giving you practical guidelines and tools that you can apply to everyday life.

The best way to prevent long term health problems is to stop them before they begin by ensuring healthy childhood development.

Let us help your family establish lasting health and enjoy a better quality of life starting today.

Naturopathic Pediatric Services

We offer specialized naturopathic care for many childhood conditions including:

Specific Conditions:

  • Digestive issues
  • Feeding problems
  • Colic
  • Asthma
  • Acute or chronic ear infections
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Eczema
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Autism
  • Many other acute and chronic health conditions

Specific Visit Types:

  • Well Child Exams
  • Sports Physicals
  • Acute Visits
  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Food Intolerance or Allergy Assessments
  • Homeopathic Assessments
  • Vaccine Consultation
  • Vaccine Administration


We also utilize referrals for specialty care and will help coordinate comprehensive care between multiple providers when necessary.

Things We Can Help You and Your Family With at Specific Ages

Infants & Toddlers (Birth to 3 years)

  • Sleep: Navigating naps and bedtime, sleep issues, where will baby sleep?
  • Breastfeeding and other types of feeding
  • Food introduction
  • Establishing routines
  • Preparing for the mobile child
  • Emphasizing play
  • Toilet training
  • Peer relationships
  • Weaning
  • Language development
  • Common Concerns – cradle cap, spitting up, recurring earaches and colic

Preschool Child (4 to 5 years)

  • Encouraging imaginative play
  • Encouraging expression of emotions
  • Creating simple rules and guidelines around the house
  • Discipline
  • Peer interaction
  • Common Concerns – anxiety, behavior issues, frequent colds and flus

Early School Age Child (6 to 11 years)

  • Building strong self esteem
  • Support for peer pressure concerns
  • Family and peer relationships
  • Communication support
  • Common Concerns – frequent colds or flu, self-esteem or body issues, bullying

Adolescent/Tween/Teen (12 to 18 years)

  • Puberty
  • Continued support for self-esteem development
  • Sports physicals
  • Communication support
  • Sleep issues
  • Family and peer relationships
  • Encouraging a need for independence
  • Support for rapid physical, emotional, cognitive, and social developmentSupport for peer pressure concerns
  • Encouraging healthy eating choices
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices
  • Common Concerns – frequent colds or flu, anxiety, depression, self-esteem or body issues, acne, peer pressure, sexual activity, drug or alcohol experimentation

Young Adult (18+ years)

  • Continued support for self-esteem development
  • Communication support
  • Family and peer relationships
  • Encouraging healthy eating choices
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices
  • Common Concerns – self-esteem or body issues, anxiety, acne, peer pressure, sexual activity, drug or alcohol experimentation

Such amazing care! Dr. Bacon is so knowledgable, great with kids, and a very nurturing! She utilizes all facets of medicine and her number one importance is your personal health! So refreshing to find a holistic doctor that looks at the entire picture.

Anonymous Verified Patient

Very knowledgeable, concerned with whatever you are, welcoming like a friend.

Anonymous Verified Patient

“Our family of five were all lucky enough to have been patients of Dr. Bacon’s.  With our ages ranging from infancy to adulthood Dr. Bacon worked with each of us to address all of our health concerns.  She was always able to take into account the ‘whole picture’ and worked to come up with solutions that worked for us over the long (and sometimes short) term.  I also loved that Dr. Bacon took the time to listen to each one of us, and was so caring in her practice.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

We had an amazing experience having Dr. Bronwyn Bacon as our family doctor when she was living in Friday Harbor, my family was very sad to see her go. Her calm, caring and personal personality, as well as all her wisdom in the medical field is a real blessing.

Anonymous Verified Patient

“Bronwyn was a godsend to our family!  She worked with my teenage daughter to help her open up about her health issues in a way that no other doctor has.  She gave her the trust and compassion that let my daughter feel she was working as her personal ally and helped us identify some issues that probably wouldn’t have come to light for a long time.   And she’s not just great for teenagers, the rest of us adored her as well.”

- Patient of Dr. Bacon

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