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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) helps relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance in men and women by restoring hormones to optimal levels.

Hormone imbalance can result in a wide variety of symptoms, including:

  • Anxiety & Irritability
  • Depression
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Low Libido
  • Memory Loss, Mental Fog, & Confusion
  • Joint Pain
  • Night Sweats & Hot Flashes
  • Weight Gain
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
Benefits of BHRT


BHRT has been shown to result in leaner muscle mass, improved tone and strength, upgraded muscle function, stronger bones, thicker hair, more restful sleep, and increased energy and stamina.


BHRT has been shown to result in improved memory, improved brain function, and better focus.


BHRT has been shown to help improve mood, prevent depression, and reduce irritability, anxiety, and stress.


Studies have shown BHRT may help reduce the risk of Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, and Osteoporosis.

Some patients start to feel the benefits of hormone therapy in as little as two to four weeks,
but full hormone optimization can take up to six months,
depending on your individual needs and your specific treatment plan.

BHRT for Women

Hormone imbalance in women can occur as part of the aging process but may also occur earlier in life, such as after having a child. Female hormone imbalance symptoms can range from subtle to debilitating and are often masked by medications.

Female symptoms consistent with cases of hormonal imbalance include:

  • Fatigue
  • Night Sweats
  • Hot Flashes
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • PMS and Irregular Periods
  • Menstrual Migraines
  • Weight Gain
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cold Hands and Feet

If your hormones are out of balance, Female BHRT can help relieve a wide array of different symptoms, both physical and emotional. The therapy provides relief from symptoms by treating the cause, not just the symptoms themselves.

If you are suffering from unbalanced hormones, BHRT can help you feel like yourself again. You deserve to feel good now matter what stage of life you’re in!

BHRT for Men

A low level of testosterone in a man means more than just a low sex drive or erectile dysfunction (ED). Hormones are important for regulating most major bodily processes, so a hormone imbalance can affect a wide range of bodily functions.

Male symptoms consistent with low testosterone and other cases of hormonal imbalance include:

  • Low Sex Drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Decreased Bone Mass
  • Mood Changes
  • Lower Mental Capacity
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Brain Fog

Male BHRT can help you feel like yourself again. If you have always suffered from unbalanced hormones, it can help you feel normal for the first time.

After only a few minutes during an in-office visit, BHRT can begin balancing your hormones, and you can start seeing the results within days.

BHRT can help any man whose hormones are out of balance at any time. However, as much as a third of the population may experience hormonal imbalance as they age. You deserve to feel your best as you age!

The Naturopathic Advantage

When it comes to hormone optimization, there are significant advantages to working with a naturopathic physician.

Hormone therapy on its own can generate good results. However, when delivered within the larger clinical approach of naturopathic medicine, BHRT can become a true game-changer for your health.

This is because hormone balance is affected by the food we eat, the exercise we get, the amount of stress we experience, and a wide variety of underlying health conditions.

Our doctors are trained to treat the whole person and take a well-rounded approach which can facilitate more dramatic health benefits.  This is done through:

  • Correcting nutrient deficiencies
  • Optimizing function of liver and detox system
  • Optimizing the adrenal system
  • Optimizing thyroid function
  • Improving gut and digestion issues
  • Refining diet and lifestyle
  • Addressing underlying illness

This approach can enable your body to more efficiently utilize and process hormones, resulting in faster and more significant improvements in your symptoms.

NEW! Convenient Under-the-Skin Hormone Pellets

BioTE Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can come in oral, topical and pellet forms. Our doctors utilize all forms of hormone delivery. We are very excited to now be offering a new, advanced delivery system not currently offered anywhere else in the Gallatin Valley: BHRT pellets.

Pellets have many advantages over other hormone modalities – most notably, the consistent administration which prevents the rollercoaster-like effects patients often experience with other forms of BHRT.

Pellets are also incredibly convenient. As a patient, you receive two to four pellet insertions under the skin per year. It’s a simple, one-and-done process. This way you don’t have to think about it, and the hormone is available when your body needs it.

FAQs about BHRT

What is the difference between HRT and BHRT?

HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy and refers to ALL forms of hormone therapy.  BHRT stands for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, which means ONLY bioidentical hormones are used.  Bioidentical hormones are hormones that look identical to the hormones the body produces and are usually derived from plant sources.  Non-bioidentical hormones are typically created synthetically or are derived from horse urine.  These hormones do not look identical to the ones the human body produces.

What hormones are replaced with BHRT?

This depends on the gender of the patient as well as each patient’s particular health needs.  BHRT for men often includes one or a combination of testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid.  BHRT for women often includes one or a combination of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid.

Can BHRT help with hormone-related headaches?

Yes, BHRT can be very effective at treating hormone-related headaches.

Are there any side effects of BHRT?

At Elevate Health, we utilize a holistic approach when prescribing BHRT.  This approach greatly reduces the chance of having any side effects from BHRT.  A very low percentage of patients may experience certain mild side effects such as breast tenderness, mild acne, facial hair, hair thinning, mild water retention, or drowsiness.  In the rare case that side effects do occur, they are typically treatable by simply adjusting the dose of BHRT.

Can anyone be treated with BHRT?

No. Patients with certain health conditions cannot be treated with BHRT.  Mainly this is women with a history of breast cancer.  Our doctors do a careful health history to determine if BHRT is safe for you.

What forms does BHRT & HRT come in?

Different hormones come in different forms:

Testosterone: pellets, injections (men only and no BHRT form), creams, gels, troches, sublingual drops, and capsules.

Estrogen: pellets, creams, troches, sublingual drops, tablets, capsules, patch, ring, and vaginal suppositories.

Progesterone: creams, troches, sublingual drops, tablets, capsules, patch, ring, and vaginal suppositories.

DHEA: capsules, troches, and creams.

Thyroid: capsules and tablets.

How do I know what delivery system of BHRT I need?

Your doctor at Elevate Health will complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine which delivery system of BHRT is right for you.  This will typically include a detailed intake, detailed history, physical exam, and blood tests.  All women who have an intact uterus who are prescribed estrogen BHRT must also be prescribed progesterone.

FAQs about BHRT Pellet Therapy

Can all hormones be delivered in pellets?

No. Not all hormones can be delivered in pellet form. Both testosterone and estrogen can be delivered in pellets.  Progesterone and DHEA do not come in pellets.

How often do patients need pellets?

Every 3-4 months for women and 4-6 months for men.  Patients know it’s time for their pellets to be replaced when symptoms begin to return.  Patients will be able to tell after a few cycles how often they need to get new pellets.

Where are hormone pellets inserted and can I feel it?

Pellets are placed just under the skin.  It is not typically something you can feel.  Occasionally right after insertion there can be some mild swelling and that can be felt.  This typically resolves within a few days.

After insertion, what happens to the pellets? Do they have to be removed?

Over time, the pellets are completely dissolved into the bloodstream and eventually disappear.

What is in the pellets?

The pellets are made of either estradiol or testosterone with steric acid which holds the pellet together.

If I use pellets do I need to take anything else?

Our goal is to optimize the pellets and your health. For that reason, we often do recommend supplements to be taken at the same time to facilitate this process.  In addition, all women who have a uterus and are on estrogen must also take progesterone.

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