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At Elevate Health, we focus on creating a tailored weight loss program that addresses YOUR body’s specific needs.

Our approach is sustainable. We don’t just help you lose weight – we help you create lasting lifestyle improvements so you can keep the weight off FOR GOOD!

How We are Different:

No starving!

No calorie counting!

No yo-yo dieting!

The Problem

Most conventional weight loss programs simply don’t work because they:

  1.  Rely on outdated “calories in, calories, out” models
  2. Don’t address the underlying causes of the weight gain
  3. Aren’t individualized for the patient (one size fits all)
  4. Are not sustainable
The Elevate Health Solution

Luckily, cutting-edge research, root causes, individualized care, and sustainable health happen to be four areas in which naturopathic doctors specialize.

The Elevate Health approach to weight loss focuses on:

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Research on Nutrition

Serial dieting and fad diets almost always focus on “calories in and calories out”.  Though this works for some people to some extent, is it only one small piece of the picture. Plus, these diets often result in short term weight loss followed by weight gain.

These conventional models have become largely outdated as more and more research emerges to support whole foods, metabolic, and other innovative models that focus on quality versus quantity of food.

At Elevate Health, we embrace the newest evidence-based approaches to weight loss that avoid yo-yo dieting, increased weight gain, and increased difficulty losing weight going forward. We focus on diets that will boost metabolism, resolve underlying health conditions, and further establish a strong foundation of overall health.

Identifying the underlying causes of weight gain to ensure we’re getting to the root of the problem

This facilitates permanent weight loss and helps you avoid the dreaded yo-yo diet pendulum. Without this component, weight loss often continues to be a prolonged, uphill battle.

Some of the most common factors that can prevent weight loss are:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Poor digestion – including constipation and heartburn
  • Poor liver function
  • Leptin resistance
  • Insulin resistance
  • Dehydration
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Stress
  • Slow metabolism due to poor hormone balance
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Poor thyroid health
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Poor intestinal flora

At Elevate Health we can identify these or other root causes and provide solutions to remove these barriers so the real weight loss work can begin.

Customizing a plan that is as individual as you are

We reject the one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss and instead factor in crucial lifestyle elements such as stress levels, sleep cycles, work and home life, and dietary and activity challenges in order to customize a plan that will work for you.

Different people have difficulty losing weight for a variety of reasons. Therefore it is important to fully evaluate you and create a plan that is specific to your struggles around weight loss.

Building a sustainable, lifelong foundation for eating

Sustainable, long-term weight loss is dependent on building a strong foundation of health.  This foundation includes so much more than what you eat. It includes how you sleep, how you relax, your digestion, and many more individual factors.

At Elevate Health, we not only create an eating plan that is sustainable and fulfilling for the long run, we also support you in improvements that will increase your overall health and well-being, and in turn facilitate keeping the weight off for good.

My Personal Weight Loss Story
Dr. Bronwyn Bacon

bronwyn-headshot-lighterIn my early twenties, I was a full time college student while also working a part-time job. I was eating on the go and had no time for exercise.   I started to gain weight.   I wasn’t worried because I had gained weight before and didn’t have a hard time losing it.  I figured I’d just eat less and exercise more and before I knew it I’d be back in my skinny jeans.

Well…I finished school, started eating less and exercising, and guess what happened? Nothing.  Actually, worse than nothing — I kept gaining weight.  So I upped the exercise. I tried different diets. But instead of losing weight, I just gained more.

I went to my doctor, who had the nerve to tell me this was just my body type.  I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and completely defeated.

As the years ticked by, I tried diet after diet and went through periods of exercising excessively.  The results were always disappointing.  If I lost any weight, I always gained it right back.  It felt hopeless and I had no idea what to do.  I was not happy in my clothes, my self-esteem was being affected, but, even worse, I felt like my body was broken.

I decided there must be a better way and began obsessively researching weight loss, metabolism, diet, and exercise.  Eventually my search led me to the concept of resetting my metabolism with specific foods. I tried it and lost eight pounds in one week.  For the first time since the beginning of this struggle, I felt like I was starting to get my life back.

This step was the first in many that began to turn things around.  Slowly over the next five years, I discovered several keys to reversing my weight gain.   With each of the tools I uncovered, I gradually met my goals and have maintained my weight ever since.

When I began my medical practice, I started using these tools with my patients in conjunction with key insights and training I had gained during my time in medical school.  The results were fantastic. My patients were achieving their weight loss goals, and even better, they were experiencing other unexpected benefits.  Chronic joint pain disappeared, high blood pressure resolved, cholesterol came down, and blood sugar problems went away.

I was practicing in a small town and I would have people constantly come up to me and say things like, “My friend has been seeing you and I don’t know what you did but she looks amazing!”

Today, I am so proud of the fact that I have helped over 500 people achieve their weight loss goals. Each time I help to facilitate these life-altering changes with someone new, it takes me back to my own past struggles and just what a difference it made in my own life once I overcame them and permanently lost weight. I know firsthand the emotional difficulty with weight issues, and I’m so thrilled to be able to be the catalyst for lasting change in so many people’s lives.

I know the frustration and pain that comes with yo-yo dieting and living a constant restrictive diet without seeing results.  That’s why I’ve developed this program – so I can share these tools with you, spare you this frustration, and help you reclaim your life.

It took me eight years of research, experimentation, and learning to uncover the keys to losing weight and keeping it off. Today, I have the process down to where my patients get results in the first several weeks and often meet their first weight loss goals in a matter of months!

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