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At Elevate Health, we support women and men in their journey
toward getting pregnant.

Whether you are looking to preparing your body for conception, to support yourself for a healthy pregnancy and child, or to resolve challenges you are experiencing around trying to get pregnant, we offer cutting-edge holistic fertility support and treatment.

Fertility Support

shutterstock_291453332The number of couples requiring assistance to achieve pregnancy is growing every year.  However, when couples seek help, the options offered to them are typically expensive, complex, and invasive.  Plus, very little attention is given to improving overall health and discovering the true cause of their conception challenges.

At Elevate Health, we work to prepare your body for pregnancy, identify and eliminate obstacles to becoming pregnant, and help you have the healthiest baby possible.  Whether you are looking to optimize you and your baby’s health through preconception care, or are needing more in-depth support to resolve conception issues, or want to optimize the success of fertility procedures such as IUI or IVF, we can help you achieve your goals.

Preconception Care

A key service we offer is guidance in how to prepare for conception and to ensure you have a health pregnancy and baby.  In these visits, we evaluate both partners for any possible hindrances to conception and offer an individual plan including dietary and supplemental support to help prepare your body for optimal conception, pregnancy, and baby health.

Conception Support

shutterstock_208803340If you are having challenges in conceiving, we can conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine why you are not getting pregnant. During this evaluation, we work to determine what is impeding conception through both conventional testing such as semen analysis, blood tests, and hormone evaluation, as well as investigating other potential causes including immune reactions, anatomical problems, inflammatory conditions, and environmental exposures.

Once we understand the specific areas in which you need support, we create a personalized treatment plan in order to address those problems.  These plans often include comprehensive diet and lifestyle changes as well as supplementation with nutrients and herbal medicines to optimize your fertility.

IVF Support

Are you currently preparing for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) but would like support to optimize your outcome?  At Elevate Health, we offer support to increase your odds of success, ensure a healthy pregnancy, and support the development of a healthy baby.  We offer individualized plans that address each of these needs and support you in achieving the best possible outcomes when using IVF.

We love to help our families achieve healthy pregnancies and babies, and we welcome all couples trying to grow their family!

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