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Our Patient Care Coordinators are your guides on your healthcare journey. They are with you from your very first call to the office and are available to assist you throughout your healing process.

Jake Parker

Office Manager, Patient Care Coordinator

A Bozeman native, Jake is known for always having a book nearby and even showing up to work early to get some reading in. He loves any sort of water activity — swimming, paddleboarding, floating the Madison. He has a cat named Simon. One of his dreams is to go on the reality TV show Survivor.

Healthcare can be overwhelming, and our Patient Care Coordinators are here to help you navigate the logistics of your care so you can focus on feeling better.

Leigh Hudson

Patient Care Coordinator

Leigh’s parents were both born and raised in Butte, where she would spend summers as a kid. She loves reading, writing, and traveling. On weekends, Leigh can be found hiking, floating, taking long drives to look for wildlife, or picnicking by a river.

The Patient Care Coordinators prioritize empathetic, personalized, patient-oriented service and work hard every day to make sure all of our patients feel heard and welcomed.

Eden Bolen

Patient Care Coordinator

Originally from North Carolina, Eden loves hiking, floating, doing yoga, and pretending like she knows how to fish. She has a chocolate lab named Simms.

Our team of front desk rockstars (*say Patient Care Coordinators one more time, I dare you) are passionate about assisting our patients and supporting our doctors.

Heather St. Thomas, PBT (ASCP)


Heather worked as phlebotomy technician and trainer at the Mayo Clinic for two years before moving to Bozeman. She is well known around the office for her passion for raising Persian cats. Rock climbing is a huge part of her life — she and her husband recently built a climbing wall in their garage.

Going to the doctor is not usually something to look forward to, but our team does their best to try and change that.