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Benefits of Prolotherapy:


Most current treatment options for joint pain focus on reducing damage and reducing pain. Prolotherapy can actually reverse some of the damage.


A lot of other treatments require substantial time and energy. With Prolotherapy, patients usually start seeing results after the first treatment.

Minimal Side Effects

The only side effect of Prolotherapy is increased pain and pressure in the joint during and after injection. For most patients, the sensation is more like discomfort rather than pain and typically lasts only several hours (or up to several days at the most).


The risk of complications in Prolotherapy is extremely low. This low risk is further mitigated by a comprehensive screening process that ensures only those patients with a suitable medical history undergo the treatment. Also, certain solutions carry an increased risk (I do not use those solutions).


Prolotherapy is relatively inexpensive compared to regular cortisone injections or daily supplement and Ibuprofen use. However, it becomes extremely inexpensive when compared to the cost of surgery, including the costs of hospital stays and rehabilitation treatments.


Prolotherapy works well with other treatments like physical therapy and strength training. In fact, it can increase the results you get from these other therapies.

Few Contraindications

Certain people cannot receive Prolotherapy due to items in their medical history. However, most people pass the screening process and will tolerate the procedure quite well.