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“Dr. Brennan is truly a gem, she’s wonderful with kids, personable, and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I appreciate that she doesn’t push me into anything that I don’t believe in, instead I like that she provides me with information I need to make my own choices for my child.”

“Dr. Brennan embodies a holistic approach to health, and makes sure all concerns are addressed. She is patient, and I never feel rushed. I am heard by this provider, and know that she genuinely cares about my child and her wellness, as well as mine!”

“We absolutely love Dr. Brennan. She is one of the most caring, patient, knowledgeable doctors we’ve ever met. My daughter has anxiety issues and with help from Dr. Brennan, she actually feels calm during her visits. Thank you so much Dr. Brennan.”

“Dr. Lisa is hands down the most personable, caring, and truly knowledgeable doctor around. I trust her completely!”

“Dr. Brennan has been great with my family for years. Especially with my daughter who has recently had
medical issues and Dr. Brennan was immediate to try and figure out the source and best course of action. She is so caring and amazing with kids!”

“Dr. Brennan could not possibly be any more kind and attentive than she already is. My only regret is not finding this unequivocal treasure to be my daughter’s doctor sooner!”