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Here’s what patients have to say about Elevate Health!

In order to ensure patient privacy, we encourage our patients to submit reviews and testimonials anonymously. The following testimonials were submitted by verified patients through our secure electronic health records software.

“Dr. Rozen is wonderful. She carefully listened to me, understood my condition, and designed a custom treatment and rehabilitation program for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Rozen to anyone who is recovering from an injury or looking for a new doctor.”

“Dr. Rozen is fantastic! She asked detailed questions to better comprehend my situation, addressed all of my questions, and provided a warm, caring and supportive environment to develop a treatment and support plan. I highly recommend Dr. Rozen for her patient-centered approach, empathetic disposition and focus on helping you heal in your own best way.”

I have been working with Dr. Wang for the past year. Overall I feel so much healthier and happier. Dr. Wang is very kind and easy to talk to about any health concerns.

I know that anyone that is a patient of Dr Wang’s will be given the utmost attention, compassion and professionalism. They are lucky to have her!

After receiving a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, Dr. Wang gave me the support I needed. She takes a whole-person approach to healthcare, and is a true partner in her patients’ paths to better health.

Dr Wang is very knowledgeable and looks at every detail to figure out good recommendations for me.
I like her approach to holistic healing!

Highly recommend Dr. Wang. She will look at you as a whole person and is super smart and patient – good listener and communicator.

I wish I had come to Dr. Wang years ago. She really knows her stuff when it comes to hormones and I feel like I am finally receiving the care I have always wanted. Highly recommended!

I have been seeing Dr. Wang for almost a year now. She is warm, sweet, and caring. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better since seeing Dr. Wang! I feel like both me and my baby are in great hands 🙂

I see Dr. Wang for female issues and she is fantastic. I actually look forward to visits. If you are on the fence don’t be. I plan on being a patient for years to come!!

Dr. Wang is wonderful. She was able to cure a health issue I’d been struggling with for some time that no other doctor was able to resolve. She’s thorough and kind and knowledgeable.

The best Doctor I have seen maybe ever. She seems to listen and actually care unlike the guys in white suits doing guess work, pushing drugs & collecting money. Thank you Dr. Bacon.

Dr. Bacon has a way that makes you feel like you are her only patient. Her concern and caring manor is wonderful. I am so glad that I found her.

Finding Dr. Bacon was the best thing that ever happened to my husband and I. For the first time in my life I felt like my doctor actually valued me as a person, and from that she was able to find out what was wrong and put me on a path to recovery.

Dr. Bacon is very friendly and approachable, without being unprofessional. I like her very much.

Such amazing care! Dr. Bacon is so knowledgable, great with kids, and a very nurturing! She utilizes all facets of medicine and her number one importance is your personal health! So refreshing to find a holistic doctor that looks at the entire picture.

Dr. Bacon was so helpful! I am so happy I found her! She is the first person of many doctors who actually figured out my condition and provided actual relief! I am so grateful for her kindness and expertise! She is very thorough and very considerate.

Dr. Bacon is the best. I’ve learned so much in her care and would recommend her without hesitation.

Dr. Bacon is a wonderful care provider and person. She is very through, caring, honest, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bacon to express how much I trust her as a provider and appreciate her.

Dr. Bacon is the first doctor, out of about twenty, to take matters extremely serious, provide me with multiple tests that I had not been previously offered, as well as suggest healthy alternatives for me. She is exceptionally knowledgable and comforting.

Love her! She is easy to talk to and is thorough. She address everything I was concerned about – looking forward to working with her more on my health issues.

Always helpful & engaging. Answers all questions, very comfortable.

I always trust Dr. Bacon to go above and beyond when addressing my medical concerns. She leaves no stone unturned and tries to get to the root cause of ailments.

Dr Bacon is always a pleasure to spend time with. She has put me on a great path to overall wellness, fine tuning some of my issues that I didn’t even know I had…She is providing care that helps me feel better.

Bronwyn is an excellent Doctor, she really cares and takes the time to make sure you understand.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Bacon and her concern about my health. She has helped me numerous times and we have a great patient doctor relationship which is hard to find now a days.

I feel heard and well served. My health is improving. I am excited to know that this episode led me to a provider with whom I hope and intend to build a long term relationship.

Dr. Bacon listened very well to my health concerns. She asked pertinent questions, then proceeded to involve me with a plan to improve my health.

Dr Bacon listens, asks questions, and really tries to solve my health concerns. I love having her as my primary health care provider. my annual health tests results have improved under her care. much gratitude!

Dr Bronwyn Bacon was very easy to talk to. Up beat and and a wonderful care provider. She was very helpful and provided many recommendations for my health issues and also how they were affecting my day to day life. I look forward to seeing her again.

Dr Bacon listened to me! I feel like this is the beginning of a long-term patient-provider relationship. Taking the time in the first visit had laid a foundation for healing through this current issue and to build on for the future.

Dr. Bacon listens carefully. She knows her stuff and has practical suggestions for improving my health.

Always feel very cared for and like the exact issues are being addressed and heard very well. Very thorough.

Love Bronwyn! She made me feel better than any other Doctor out there!

Dr. Bacon has such a great bedside manner and genuinely cares about her patients. She is very easy to talk to and really takes the time to understand what the issue(s) are and is very through in her treatment approach. I highly recommend Dr. Bacon!

Dr. Bacon was thorough in answering my questions and was knowledgeable about whom to refer me for additional services.

Very knowledgeable, concerned with whatever you are, welcoming like a friend.

Our family of five were all lucky enough to have been patients of Dr. Bronwyn’s.  With our ages ranging from infancy to adulthood Dr. Bronwyn worked with each of us to address all of our health concerns.  She was always able to take into account the ‘whole picture’ and worked to come up with solutions that worked for us over the long (and sometimes short) term.  I also loved that Dr. Bronwyn took the time to listen to each one of us, and was so caring in her practice.

We had an amazing experience having Dr. Bronwyn Bacon as our family doctor when she was living in Friday Harbor, my family was very sad to see her go. Her calm, caring and personal personality, as well as all her wisdom in the medical field is a real blessing.

Bronwyn was a godsend to our family!  She worked with my teenage daughter to help her open up about her health issues in a way that no other doctor has.  She gave her the trust and compassion that let my daughter feel she was working as her personal ally and helped us identify some issues that probably wouldn’t have come to light for a long time.   And she’s not just great for teenagers, the rest of us adored her as well.

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